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Proper Sleep Ergonomics

This article below was published in the May-June 2011 Issue of JACA and provides useful tips and know how regarding sleep as it relates to neck and low back pain and pregnancy. Lori Burkhart, ACA director of publications Proper Sleep Ergonomics J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2011 May-June;48(4):17-18 Abstract: “Sleep ergonomics” refers to postures and positions…

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Common Mechanisms of Inflammation and Soft Tissue Healing

 By Dr. Matt Fontaine When soft tissues are stressed beyond their biomechanical yield strength (for example when a tendon is stretched more than 4% of it’s resting length), microtearing must occur.  The normal response of microtearing of muscle, fascia, collagen etc. is inflammation.  If the injured area is rested, the initial inflammation should reduce in…

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