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Potomac Physical Medicine Now Open

March 2015-   Potomac Physical Medicine is now open and accepting new patients  to serve the Alexandria,  Arlington, and Fairfax regions of the Northern Virginia Metro DC area.  Back in early August 2014, Dr. Matt Fontaine began treating patients as clinic director of Potomac Physical Medicine.   Visit our website to learn more about services, clinic hours, and more.  Beginning in April 2015 we will begin treating patients in…

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Get Healthy Blog by the American Chiropractic Association

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has created a new Consumer Education Blog    What you will find on this blog are articles about health in general from a Conservative Care  First Perspective (The care that we provide as Chiropractic Physicians)   and then at the bottom of each blog post is a link to have the reader…

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Parent’s Role in Prevention of Sports Injury to Head & Neck

By Dr. Matt Fontaine   If parents can learn about the inherent risks of trauma to the head and neck, particularly in contact sports, and preventative measures, they can decrease the likelihood of head and neck trauma. This information originated from Dr. Kelly Roush who wrote the book Sports Concussion and Neck Trauma: Preventing Injury for Future…

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