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The Overhead Squat: The Exercise I Used to Hate

  By Dr. Matt Fontaine   As a sports physician with over 14 years in clinical practice, I have evaluated and treated my fair share of injuries.  One of the tools we use to screen athletes and patients as part of a thorough examination is the Functional Movement Screen™ .  This is a valuable screening tool that gives us…

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10 Ways Stress is Sabotaging Your Workout

            The following is taken from an article on   1.  Stress impairs your memory.  It slows down your processing.  This stress can slow you down mentally and physically, causing fatigue. 2.  Stress affects concentration.   High stress can negatively impact cognition, perception, and focus. 3.  Stress impairs motor…

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What Can We Learn from Treating Elite Athletes?

  The Modern Laboratory of Human Movement by Dr. Matt Fontaine    “All Athletes and Weekend Warriors Have One Thing In Common… Soft Tissue Injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves”.   Sports and training have the potential to wear us down over time and lead to soft tissue injuries that result in muscle and joint…

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