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Transforming how the World Moves ... one Person at a Time


We have seen the pro athlete and the weekend warrior...And it often takes too long to recover from injury.

Making matters worse, many just press on without really healing.

We know it is not about us...You have pain...And we know how to fix it.

We save you time, by getting you healthier fast.

That is what we are all about.

- Dr. Matt Fontaine

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide  the most effective, comprehensive interdisciplinary care in physical sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, and athlete performance services.

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Core Values

We understand the importance of maximizing each athlete's physical abilities by providing  integrated care that combines manual therapy, sports medicine, functional training, and nutrition services to help our patients attain sustained success.

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We are a Sports Medicine & Human
Performance Clinic located in Alexandria, VA.

  • We understand the needs of active individuals  and are dedicated to elite athletes & weekend warriors.
  • We are committed to using state of the art procedures  in manual therapy, soft tissue management, joint manipulation, corrective exercise and sports medicine to aid your recovery from injury and  back to health.
  • We are dedicated to athletes and active individuals.
  • We believe in a collaborative approach. We put your best interest first.
  • We adhere to strict quality standards, which leads to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • We focus on the underlying cause, which is usually muscle imbalance, scar tissue and joint dysfunction
  • Treatments are non-invasive.
  • We offer solutions for your patients with muscle and joint pain.

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