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Transforming how the World Moves ... one Person at a Time


If you are a partner in our Community of Interest then you already know the benefits to the programs we offer and the mutual support we give to members of our community.  New to us and not yet part of our awesome community?  Are you a gym owner, trainer or strength coach, fitness director, country club professional, sports coach, or responsible for fitness training of first responders

For the past 17 years, Dr. Fontaine has led a community outreach both in Florida and here in the Metro DC region of Northern Virginia.  Our outreach efforts have included working with Major League Baseball, IRONMAN Triathletes, Running Clubs, U.S. Masters Swimming, US Rowing, CrossFit coaches and athletes, Yoga studios, Golf & Tennis clubs, Track & Field, Collegiate and High School Athletic Departments, Collegiate Summer Baseball, Youth Baseball, Military and First Responders.


Video above is short clip from "Shrugging Off Shoulder Pain" which was week 3 of our 4 week clinic Mobility & Injury Prevention series held over 4 weeks this past July and Aug 2017 in partnership with Trident CrossFit

Potomac Performance Clinics Overview

"the biggest pattern of movement dysfunction we see in athletes in general is poor movement, a lack of stability and mobility motor control...resulting in repetitive motion injuries."- Dr. Matt Fontaine

Topics:   Topics are best determined by the leadership and coaching staff of the specific organization.  Our experts can cover a wide variety of sports related injuries.  What provides value is our way to simplify how these injuries occur and discuss strategies to help prevent them and optimize human performance at the same time.

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