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By Matt Fontaine | July 14, 2017

by DR MATT FONTAINE This blog details what we covered in the first session of a 4 week clinic series hosted at Trident CrossFit. In this 4 Part clinic series we will cover the CORE, LOW BACK & HIPS, SHOULDER, AND FOOT & ANKLE. Let’s start our discussion with a detailed description of just exactly…


By Matt Fontaine | July 14, 2017

by DR. MATT FONTAINE TRAIN BETTER, AND GET WHAT THE PROS GET…GET ACTIVE RELEASE! Active Release is a patented, state of the ART soft tissue manual therapy.  It was developed by Dr. Michael Leahy, an Air Force Academy graduate, engineer and pilot turned Doctor of Chiropractic.  He took principles from engineering and applied them to…

Debunking Shoulder Pain in the CrossFit Athlete-Part I

By Matt Fontaine | May 10, 2017

by Dr. Matt Fontaine Debunking Shoulder Pain in the CrossFit Athlete– Part I In this 3 part series I will address the causes of shoulder pain in the overhead athlete.  Keep in mind that shoulder pain is not unique to CrossFit, but comprises about half of all CrossFit related injuries.   Disclaimer: I will do…

Easiest Ways to Prevent Injury & Optimize Performance with Dr. Matt Fontaine

By Matt Fontaine | February 7, 2017

  MFL Podcast 93: Dr. Matt Fontaine on the easiest ways to prevent injury & optimize performance – YouTube Dr. Matt Fontaine on Muscle For Life Podcast: Learn the easiest ways to prevent injury and optimize performance in this podcast with Mike Mathews In this podcast I interview with Dr. Matt Fontaine, who’s a fantastic…

7 Tips on Improving Your Mobility with a Daily Mobility Practice

By Matt Fontaine | February 7, 2017

What is a mobility practice?  And why is it important for every human to have a consistent mobility practice?  You will want to read til the end where I share some great hip mobility videos with you. “The biggest pattern of movement dysfunction we see in our runners and athletes in general is poor movement,…

5 Tips for Better Sleep

By Matt Fontaine | December 30, 2016

by Dr. Matt Fontaine In my last post I introduced this series on the Pillars to Better Health & Fitness and Becoming a Better Human. I promised that over the next few weeks I would be sharing some of the expertise from leading experts in the field of Health & Fitness focused on developing a…