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Preventative care is maintenance that is performed regularly on the body to lesson the likelihood of it failing.


This type of care focuses on FAST & EFFECTIVE relief from pain & inflammation that results from Acute Sport Setting Injury, Repetitive Motion Injury/Overuse Injury, Trauma.


Rest & Recovery is a vital component in both treatment and training because it allows the body time to repair and rebuild itself between treatments and between workouts.


Soft Tissue

The muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves can get injured from trauma or repetitive motion and overuse.


Joints can get compressed, sprained, misaligned and become fixated, resulting in decreased joint movement.


Once the joints and soft tissues are dealt with through hands on manual treatment, we need to implement some mobility, stability and strengthening exercises to reprogram movement patterns.

Patient Groups


1 in 3 youths in sports are injured seriously enough to miss practice or a game.

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20 – 30’s

Things you do in your 20’s will set you up for better health later in life.

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40 – 50’s

Regular exercise and preventative care can offset the gradual degenerative decline that affects many people in this age group.

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Over 60

Movement and regular exercise has been shown to stave off joint pain, reduce risk of mental illness, and keep you independent well into later decades.

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